The lovely Hugh and his lovely shroom recipes…

Hello lovelies, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Here is my picture of Saturday dinner. I don’t often Instagram my dinners, but when I do….



This is the lovely Hugh FW’s Mushroom Tart from his River Cottage Everyday cookbook, which is one of my favourite books in the world.

The puff pastry was on the reduced counter of Tesco for 5p, so I bought it to freeze.

The mushrooms were on offer in Lidl. It would be nice to add wild mushrooms, but I am nowhere near an accomplished or confident enough forager. Besides, it’s not the season.

The parsley is from the garden and, soon, the garlic will be too.

The breadcrumbs are from the scrag ends of loaves it’s too easy to just throw away.

Parmesan is just something we always have in the fridge because, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it’s an investment that goes a long way.

We added some Gorgonzola to the adult part because it was in the fridge and we had it to use up .

I served it with a rocket salad. It was absolutely amazing. It would be great for those mushrooms you have languishing in the fridge that have maybe gone a bit sticky and you’re not quite sure what to do with them. USE THEM! They are fine!

If you find supermarket mushrooms rather bland, consider buying some mushroom ketchup , it is, frankly, something your pantry should not be without. Link is for Waitrose, we got ours from Sainsburys’s. Honestly, invest in some. It’s adds amazing depth to so many dishes.

(It’s also nothing like ketchup in consistency, more like a Worcestershire Sauce or gravy browning.)

Unfortunately, we were unable to add said ketchup to the above dish because hubbie dearest had used it all in his various dishes (it works beautifully with meat) but fortunately, it was still amazingly tasty.

Definitely one to try, and one that won’t break the bank; particularly if you can buy your frozen pastry on the reduced/whoops counter or if you are confident enough to make your own ruff-puff, advice on which is included in the above link.

I’m sure it would also be lovely on a pizza base, which can be made easily in a bread machine or with this yeast free easy thin pizza base recipe.

Hope you love it as much as we did!


Bon appetit!