Further Reading / Pages I Love

As WordPress have decided to do away with their listing feature; here’s a handy list of blogs and websites that I really, really like.

Seasonalight – Ginny’s beautiful blog. Read it.

Grow Eat Gift belongs to the unstoppable and, frankly, breathtaking Emily who manages to think about 567,000 things at once AND pull them off with both style and aplomb. Fantastic ideas on doing more with less, reusing and recycling, and having a thoroughly good time doing it.

A Human Love Story is Matt Hopwood’s wonderful project, finding stories of love and inspiration through his extensive travels in the UK. I was blessed to meet Matt last year and gave him my story – ‘I love the bones of them’ is my tale, beautifully edited by Matt.

Lev Parikian Bird watcher, conductor (music, not buses), amazing writer. Lev has it all and his blog is always a delight.

Attic 24  Is probably something of a cliche for any crocheter these days, but it’s impossible not to absolutely adore Lucy and her beautiful colours. Definitely a page to linger on during cold, wet days.

Caught By The River  As they say themselves: “It was conceived as an online meeting place for pursuits of a distinctly non-digital variety: walking, fishing, looking, thinking. Birdsong and beer. Adventure and poetry. Life’s small pleasures, in all their many flavours. It was – and still is – about stepping out of daily routines to re-engage with nature. Finding new rhythms. Being.”

Celestine & The Hare  Because felted animals and stories about them, that’s why.

Garden Organic The first, last and middle words on organic gardening, written for real people rather than scientists.

Living Life Our Way Inspirational, eco-friendly and ethical family living, making it much easier to get to grips with.

Little Green Fingers Sadly not updated for over a year, but a valuable resource for projects for children.

Lucy In The Wild Beautiful nature photos.

Wildlife & Words Elliot writes so beautifully about what he sees in quite normal surroundings, he makes the ordinary quite extraordinary.

The Sustainable Edit is full of fantastic ideas for green, slow and sustainable living.